“I met Bob Seabeck at the very beginning of my venture into the world of the working artist. We had a publisher in common and have shared lots of good times over the years. Bob’s view and portrayal of the world has always amazed me. He has a way of using form and color that simply cuts to the chase and transforms a scene or object into magic. Bob’s work stands heads above others in its freshness and uniqueness. You can always spot a ‘Bob Seabeck’”.     Ann Hanson, Artist


“Thank you so much for the wonderful artwork in honor of the xxxx! The design is beautiful and will really stand out among the series of works (commemorating this event)…the combination of words and images—it works really well! Thanks again and I look forward to celebrating with you this summer”! Best, Mindy


Bob Seabeck: Artist, Friend and Fellow Traveler. I like who he is and love what he does.

A gentle and genuine westerner, the artist Bob Seabeck is a keen observer, enthusiastic participant and accomplished portrayer of the landscapes and lifestyles of the West.

Inspired, prolific and technically accomplished, his subject matter ranges from wonderfully rendered cars to cattle and cowboys at home on the range.

His art stylishly reflects his passions, his experiences, and his life.